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Kennedy Sculpture Found—Now What? (An Update)

BY NORAH BOOTH, Occupied Tucson Citizen Now that the Kennedy bronze memorial head, stolen mid-December from Presidio Park downtown, has been recovered—found under a large pot in a wash, according to news reports about the […]

Apr, 11 · in Art,Tucson

The Farce Side

BY GONZO PERSIMMONS, Occupied Tucson Citizen A cartoon by Gonzo Persimmons from the sidewalk of Veinte de Agusto park in downtown Tucson — otherwise known as the “Safe Park” — where the homeless and activists […]

Arcology and Beethoven

BY DOCTRESS NEUTOPIA, Occupied Tucson Citizen My $10 student ticket to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra landed me one of the best seats in the Tucson Music Hall, near the front in the middle at an […]

Apr, 01

Tar Sands: the Ugly Proof that the Politicians are Still Clueless about Climate Change

BY LES SCRUGGS, Occupied Tucson Citizen                       The mining of the Tar Sands and the drilling of oil in Canada’s boreal forests is the most […]

Mar, 26

An Open Letter to the Pima County Board of Supervisors

BY LEE STANFIELD, Occupied Tucson Citizen This article was originally sent as an email to members of the Tucson City Council—Ed The wording of the Pima County Board of Supervisors Resolution in support of Davis […]

Mar, 17

Wired: TPD Contract With Spy Tool Maker Prohibits Talking About Device’s Use

BY GREG EVANS, Occupied Tucson Citizen In a story broken by Arizona-based independent-media D.B.A. Press and reported on in Wired magazine (though not in the Arizona Daily Star), it was revealed that the Tucson Police […]

Mar, 09

Tucson Forum: You too Could be Homeless


Mar, 02

What is the Occupied Tucson Citizen?

Occupied Tucson Citizen serves as a wide-open, participatory project that encourages learning and experience in journalism, graphic design, writing, and editorial decision-making. Decisions are made in an informal setting as a working group with an emphasis on consensus. We were founded as an affinity group of, and now work as an autonomous working group of Occupy Tucson. Anyone can jump right in to any of these processes. We meet most Sundays at Cafe Passe at 10:30 a.m. We recommend emailing us to ensure we are meeting on a particular Sunday.

We aspire to devote more resources to investigative journalism, creative works, and more regular online updates and print editions; but this depends on how many people volunteer and how much financial support we get. Even if we don't attain enough support to expand our operations, we can continue to offer an online space to air radically divergent views unfiltered by commercialism and careerism; as well as unfiltered by the bureaucracies of governments, corporations, nonprofits, and foundations. We will offer occasional print space to our favorite of these offerings, and look for opportunities to serve the community in neglected areas as exemplified by Tucson Feeds: a guide for the hungry to find free meals across Tucson 7 days a week. We can also continue to provide a social space, open to newcomers—both cranky and enthusiastic—to engage in messy, challenging, and hopefully encouraging political discourse.

Do you see typos, grammatical mistakes, layout gaffes, inconsistencies, errors, confusing or terrible design? Tell us about it! Better yet, if you'd be willing to help out with any of the work involved (copy-editing, editing, decision-making, design, administration, etc.) email us. This rag of ours is both a throwback and avant-garde. We are a creative, political, and morally-engaged publishing collective. If you see potential in what we've put out so far, join us and let's improve it together!