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Holding Cars for Ransom

BY JOHN COOPER, Occupied Tucson Citizen Towing companies are criminally holding vehicles for ransom.1 In violation of Arizona Statutes, they are doing this repeatedly and with impunity. Towing truck companies can tow your car and […]

Aug, 31 · in Arizona,Class,Tucson

Announcing the Lambda Lamb Academy of Acting Administrators

BY HARRY WHITE, Occupied Tucson Citizen As a service to Tucson-area residents who are looking for career opportunities, especially given the continuing administrative turmoil at our beloved Pima Community College, we are passing on the […]

Snowpiercer and Earthmasters: Complementary Views of Geoengineering

BY ALICE WHITTENBURG, Other Homes and Gardens Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s film Snowpiercer is an allegorical — and sometimes phantasmagorical — science fiction thriller about a geoengineering climate fix that goes terribly wrong. When the film […]

Aug, 12

An Overview of Low Income Housing in Tucson

BY JIM HANNAN, Occupied Tucson Citizen There is a spectrum of low income housing in Tucson: Homeless, sleeping in the park, need to move when prompted Homeless, sleeping in the river in a makeshift camp, […]

Aug, 02

Tucson: Cutting-edge of the Precariat?

BY GREG EVANS, Occupied Tucson Citizen When people talk about a “cutting edge” economy, how often are they thinking of Tucson? Probably not very often. Given our low-wage economy and our ranking as the 6th […]

Jul, 08

Privatizing Free Speech

BY DOCTRESS NEUTOPIA, Occupied Tucson Citizen Access Tucson started public access programming in 1984. At one time, Access Tucson was recognized throughout the country as being one of the best community TV stations in the […]

Jul, 04

Trial Begins for Indigenous Protesters in Peru

THOMAS MOORE, original to the Occupied Tucson Citizen After five years of bureaucratic delays and internal contradictions in the Peruvian judiciary system, the trial of 53 protesters in the northern Peruvian jungle town of Bagua […]

Jul, 02

What is the Occupied Tucson Citizen?

Occupied Tucson Citizen serves as a wide-open, participatory project that encourages learning and experience in journalism, graphic design, writing, and editorial decision-making. Decisions are made in an informal setting as a working group with an emphasis on consensus. We were founded as an affinity group of, and now work as an autonomous working group of Occupy Tucson. Anyone can jump right in to any of these processes. We meet most Sundays at Cafe Passe at 10:30 a.m. We recommend emailing us to ensure we are meeting on a particular Sunday.

We aspire to devote more resources to investigative journalism, creative works, and more regular online updates and print editions; but this depends on how many people volunteer and how much financial support we get. Even if we don't attain enough support to expand our operations, we can continue to offer an online space to air radically divergent views unfiltered by commercialism and careerism; as well as unfiltered by the bureaucracies of governments, corporations, nonprofits, and foundations. We will offer occasional print space to our favorite of these offerings, and look for opportunities to serve the community in neglected areas as exemplified by Tucson Feeds: a guide for the hungry to find free meals across Tucson 7 days a week. We can also continue to provide a social space, open to newcomers—both cranky and enthusiastic—to engage in messy, challenging, and hopefully encouraging political discourse.

Do you see typos, grammatical mistakes, layout gaffes, inconsistencies, errors, confusing or terrible design? Tell us about it! Better yet, if you'd be willing to help out with any of the work involved (copy-editing, editing, decision-making, design, administration, etc.) email us. This rag of ours is both a throwback and avant-garde. We are a creative, political, and morally-engaged publishing collective. If you see potential in what we've put out so far, join us and let's improve it together!