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Picture of a French flag on pole that is wrapped, and therefore not flying freely.

The Furled Flags of France

[taken with permission from the Facebook page of former Occupied Tucson Citizen working group member Shannon Cain, now residing in Paris. For those who don’t already know, the French flag filter places the image of a French flag over your profile picture on your Facebook page or, as the company itself puts it, “Change your […]

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Tucson’s Reign of Bombs

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Third in an ongoing series of irreverent profiles on Tucson’s One Percent, this time featuring Raytheon Missle Systems Net Worth 2012 net income was $1.9 billion. Net sales weighed in around $25 billion. Tucson’s economy is at the mercy of this corporation, the city’s largest employer and the world’s largest guided missile […]

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Graphite pencil drawing of Jim Click as the Jack of Clubs--with the dimensions of a playing card. Stripes on his coat double as pipes emitting smoke into the background.

CLICK HERE for Climate Catastrophe

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Net Worth Who knows? Clue: he owns one of America’s largest automotive groups, with over 1,000 employees and $315 million in annual revenues. Business model: it’s all about the PR. As easy as it is to hate a car salesman, Jim Click makes it pretty tough to hate the dealer. His well-oiled […]

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Young woman holding megaphone in front of protest signs. Large sign in back reads, "All Voices Heard Here."

Occupy Winesburg

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Day 1. I pitched my tent between the soccer field and the playground in Emile Durkheim Park, across the street from Emile Durkheim High School, my stinking alma mater, and I dove the dumpster at Dollar General for sheets of cardboard. My mother texted: you’re making a fool of yourself, honey. Did I care? […]

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"Don Diamond, with large red stencil lettering above which reads, 'WANTED'"

Diamond Does the Desert

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN First in an ongoing series of irreverent profiles on Tucson’s One Percent Net worth: $400 million, as estimated in 2003 by Worth magazine. Business model: Buys a swath of heartbreakingly beautiful desert—preferably abutting an environmentally sensitive area—and spends a decade or so gaming the political system to increase its value. Then, having […]

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Zoom-in of sign held by protester. Reads, "Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to change the world."

The Horizontalist

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN I have so many questions. Where do I start? How about this: what would the Occupy movement in Tucson do differently, if we could start over at October 15, 2011? Which twists and turns of this movement did we foresee and which have taken us utterly by surprise? What has changed in the […]

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