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Black and white stylized protester clapping his hands in solidarity. On his back "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" has been painted.

What happened to the Occupy movement?

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Occupy Wall Street was at the pinnacle of its power in October 2011, when thousands of people converged at Zuccotti Park and successfully foiled the plans of billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg to sweep away the occupation on grounds of public health. From that vantage point, the Occupy movement appears to have tumbled […]

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Wisconsin Protester holding sign, "I voted for Walker and I'm sorry!"

Wisconsin’s recall election: an ominous crucible of US politics

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The right threw resources into Scott Walker’s anti-union fight, while the Democratic party stood by. That’s a recipe for defeat Forget the old saw, “All politics is local.” There is a kettle’s worth of tea leaves to read in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s triumph over Democratic challenger Tom Barrett. The acrimonious 5 […]

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