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photograph of Mary DeCamp and a dog named Birdie; a road is in the background

Mary DeCamp Speaks at 3/17/15 Call to the Audience

Good evening mayor, council, workers, & audience members. Thank you for sharing your time and attention. I’m Mary DeCamp, a local activist. No permanent residence; more a butterfly approach to landing here and there, sampling the neighborhood nectars, as it were. I’m not paid to speak for anyone, yet I have the audacity to think […]

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Mary De Camp

Letter after City Court hearings

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN I just came from the City Court where I had 5 back-to-back hearings for “camping in the park after dark” and was found guilty in all cases.  I have about 30 more trials to go through as part of my Occupy Tucson involvement. This ordeal has been a real eye-opener for me.  […]

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