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Fourth Print Edition of the OTC Hits the Streets!

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The fourth print edition of the Occupied Tucson Citizen has just come off the presses with a print run of 10,000 copies and is now being distributed across Tucson and southern Arizona. This issue features our most in-depth article yet, “Privatizing the Old Pueblo,” which touches on everything from the attempted sale […]

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TPD Recruiting

Wired: TPD Contract With Spy Tool Maker Prohibits Talking About Device’s Use

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN In a story broken by Arizona-based independent-media D.B.A. Press and reported on in Wired magazine (though not in the Arizona Daily Star), it was revealed that the Tucson Police Department (TPD) signed a non-disclosure agreement in 2010 with Harris Corporation, the Florida-based maker of a cell-phone spy tool used by the department. […]

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Arizona Eliminating Solar Energy Incentives

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN In 2012 Arizona was second, only behind California, in per capita installations of solar energy in the United States with 710 megawatts of capacity for photovoltaic electricity generation, compared with 275 mW of capacity in 2011. This progress is a result of both utility investment in solar plants and modest incentives that […]

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A yin yang sign made from flora

Environmental Justice and the Psychology of Occupy (edit)

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN This is an edit as it appeared in print, the full version of the article is available here—Ed Even with the growth of ecological awareness people still need persuading. Psychology and the Occupy movement must have as one focus an understanding of altering behavior by shifting consciousness, raising awareness, and providing avenues […]

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