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Detail of engraving showing the original Luddites

Luddites 3.0

I. INTENTIONS Technological Progress: have you ever heard of it? Yes, I know, lots of folks have. Marketers have made sure of this. We are bombarded with reports of it every day, by thousands of advertisements. We are told that this year’s new car is “better than” last year’s new car, and many reasons are […]

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Image of the number 6 on a sign from the building site

Six West

A New Housing Model for Tucson There is a nationwide conversation about low cost housing solutions. In cities like Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas, low income residents have taken the initiative to create their own villages. Here in Tucson, we are just starting the conversation. Some discussion took place within the Occupy Tucson movement, which […]

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Zoom-in of sign held by protester. Reads, "Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to change the world."

The Horizontalist

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN I have so many questions. Where do I start? How about this: what would the Occupy movement in Tucson do differently, if we could start over at October 15, 2011? Which twists and turns of this movement did we foresee and which have taken us utterly by surprise? What has changed in the […]

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