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I Harassed Men

I wasn’t alone. About ten of us were sitting on the grass outside, facing a Boston street. It just happened. Nothing was planned. We were all dorm mates at a music college summer program, a long way back. We were enjoying the sun and chatting among ourselves. A good-looking guy walked past and the group […]

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Climate Change Yoga

  [To hear Doctress Netuopia read her poem, click the above link.] Yoginis and Yogis time for a meditation on breath and the global carbon cycle. Get seated into easy pose—sukhasana. Sit down on your sitz bones as you straighten your spine while extending the crown your head up into the smog. Take a moment […]

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ALEC and the War on Women

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Abortion is perhaps one of the most controversial issues in America. Protests and legislative groups have long fought for their belief of whether Pro-Life or Pro-Choice is the ‘right’ choice for America. Women are caught in the middle, facing real and immediate decisions about their health, ability to work and their own […]

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William Shakespeare, Feminist: A Review of Measure for Measure at the Rogue Theatre

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Measure for Measure, directed by David Morden, is presented by The Rogue Theatre, November 7—24, 2013 at The Historic Y, 300 E. University Boulevard, Tucson.   Once again the Rogue Theatre brings us one of Shakespeare’s truly fascinating plays, with fine acting by the dedicated group that Arizona should be proud of […]

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Mindfuck Arizona #1

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Arizona recently enacted legislation that, in my opinion, infringes on women’s rights for the sake of feeding a little red meat to the conservative base. At best I consider this legislation superfluous as everyday political posturing. If this doesn’t protect a doctor’s right to lie or lapse into negligence, then I believe […]

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