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Three Poems

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN     CATDANCING Executing a Nijinsky-like leap our tom Captain Jack today clears the laundry basket rim makes his imperious way out the room I am no more than envious onlooker feet forever rooted in this narrow earth   THE FALLING LIGHT This morning seeing our neighborhood tom eating (we call him […]

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Photograph of the Earth with a radiation symbol over it as a target. At the center of the radiation symbol is a stylized Earth.

Dose Me

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Dose me with your fallout from the Trinity Bomb. Dose me with your 2,000 nuclear test blasts in the Northern Hemisphere that still linger on. Dose me on land and out in sea from the barrels of nuclear wastes leaking into our water ways. Dose me with your uranium tailings blowing in […]

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In 1901 Puck published this political cartoon depicting John D. Rockefeller as a king presiding over a landscape that he has devastated. On his crown are the tools of his empire: four railroads–including Pennsylvania's Reading and Lehigh Valley R.R.s– encircle his crown, which is topped by oil derricks and holding tanks.

How Rockefeller Became a Billionaire

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN In the beginning, Rockefeller was a completely poor fifteen-year-old kid who had only a single dime to his name.  With this dime he bought an apple, which he polished with the edge of his only shirt and sold for twenty cents.  With this twenty cents he bought two apples, polished them both […]

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photograph of homeless man sitting on bench, the image has been manipulated so that the man's surroundings are sepia-toned to emphasize the focus on him.


OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN They stroll the hot side-walks as the pavement sizzles from the unwavering Sun. Their survival means hope as their bodies undergo never-ending pounding of moving and shuffling to keep from going insane, grief deep as life or thought. We see them often as microscopic, and from a distance a faint light twinkles […]

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A prayerful request to the DJ’s of our new day’s eve party

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Beyond the booty shakin’ and child murderin’ glorification grows strong, fresh talent, slingin’ edifying communication Mainstream media don’t play that, though, neither mass protests poppin’ off all parts of the planet, yo But it’s playin’ all right, it’s playin’ all night, ‘til the wheels fall off and burn, it’s playin’. Listen to […]

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Drawing of tent with word "OCCUPY" stamped over it

Poetry: two untitled pieces

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN 1. a year ago my heart fell to the ground crashing to a million little pieces. i’m making it whole again mending it back together in the stillness of a park my back separated from the earth only by the thin plastic of a tent I call home now. 2. my people […]

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