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Power to Truth: Beau Hodai and the Dirty Bastards Archive

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Prying documents from the cold dead hands of a faceless bureaucracy takes time—not less than six months—research skills, money, and, not to be discounted, aggression. If you don’t believe that effort is worth something, you need to listen to Arizona based reporter Beau Hodai, publisher of and a journalist passionate for […]

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Interview with Beau Hodai

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Beau Hodai is an Arizona-based investigative reporter writing for the national press. He made these comments on journalism to Norah Booth for OTC: From your perspective as a working investigative journalist, would you comment on the state of American journalism today? HODAI: There is a nexus between the logistical problems that […]

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photo of Michael Albert; black background, from the chest up, with a microphone "peaking" out from the bottom of the frame

Venezuela: Shunned by the Left?

ZNET   About a month ago I had a discussion with a prominent progressive media publisher. During our chat he told me he thought Z diverse progressive media institutions that aggregate content from around the internet routinely ignore Z content or reprint it only when they can link to it from somewhere other than Z. […]

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