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Appointment in Samarra (a poem)

Appointment in Samarra by David Ray “An appointment in Samarra” meant that you could not fool Mr. Death, that you flew to Samarra to avoid him in Paris or Chicago, but ran into him there where all along he intended to find you, had planned it from day one. I find Samarra on the map […]

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Tucson’s Reign of Bombs

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Third in an ongoing series of irreverent profiles on Tucson’s One Percent, this time featuring Raytheon Missle Systems Net Worth 2012 net income was $1.9 billion. Net sales weighed in around $25 billion. Tucson’s economy is at the mercy of this corporation, the city’s largest employer and the world’s largest guided missile […]

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The Future in His Eyes

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Today, the Army Strong recruiters were tabling at Pima College. I walked up to the table and the recruiter said, “Miss, what do you study?” “Future Studies,” I replied. “I bet you haven’t heard of that field.” “No ma’am, I haven’t. What is it about, making possible scenarios of the future?” “Exactly.” […]

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Uri Avnery at a Hadash rally against the 2006 Lebanon War


OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Can a country boycott itself? That may sound like a silly question. It is not. At the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, the “Giant of History” as Barack Obama called him, Israel was not represented by any of its leaders. The only dignitary who agreed to go was the speaker of the […]

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