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Iraq War veterans (left to right) Michael Thurman, Scott Olsen, and Joshua Sheppard occupying Obama’s campaign office in Oakland in support of Bradley Manning.

Tucson Joins Nationwide Actions to Free Bradley Manning

ARIZONA COMMUNITY PRESS Thursday, September 6th, about twenty of Bradley Manning’s supporters, ranging in age across every generation from an infant to an 86-year-old veteran, demonstrated outside the Pima County Democratic Party/Obama for America office in Tucson, Arizona. The purpose of the protest, which occurred along with 32 other protests at Obama campaign offices throughout […]

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Exposing War Crimes is not a crime. Before and After photo of Bradley Manning

Manning Defense Calls for Dismissal of Charges over Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Detention

BY COMMON DREAMS 110-page motion alleges excessive and “retaliatory” treatment US army whistleblower Private Bradley Manning, known for allegedly leaking embarrassing US cables to website WikiLeaks, is now claiming his treatment in a pre-trial military prison for nine months was extreme and harsh and warrants a complete dismissal of his case. Manning’s defense also claims […]

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