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Picture of Toni Morrison

I hereby nominate Toni Morrison for a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

So, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature? I have to wonder if the Swedish Academy, which apparently won’t be enjoying the pleasure of his company at this week’s acceptance ceremony, isn’t getting a perverse pleasure out of putting some of us literary types in the uncomfortable position of having to criticize the choice […]

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Book cover for the Left Behind Series

American Bestsellers, Jesus, and the Slaughter of All Non-Believers

Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, The Left Behind series, Tyndale House Publishers, 1995-2004 There is a trend afoot to lash out violently at the apparent dominance of “cosmopolitan” culture. This was vividly seen in the violent attack in Paris, traditionally a citadel of cosmopolitanism, on the freewheeling, anti-clerical publication Charlie Hebdo. But of course […]

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Pima County Public Library logo

On Pima County Public Library’s discarded books policy

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Our views vary from incensed to concerned at the Occupied Tucson Citizen regarding Pima County Public Library (PCPL) policies on aggressively selling books that are not regularly checked out. But we all agree that libraries must be repositories of knowledge first and foremost, and not merely repositories of popular culture. There are […]

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Young woman holding megaphone in front of protest signs. Large sign in back reads, "All Voices Heard Here."

Occupy Winesburg

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Day 1. I pitched my tent between the soccer field and the playground in Emile Durkheim Park, across the street from Emile Durkheim High School, my stinking alma mater, and I dove the dumpster at Dollar General for sheets of cardboard. My mother texted: you’re making a fool of yourself, honey. Did I care? […]

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¿Occupy? Tucson

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN We hope others will be inspired to submit their own works of fiction and nonfiction by sharing this heady, Occupy inspired piece of creative meta-nonfiction—Ed In one of the more distant outposts of the empire’s homeland, the Occupiers finally rose up on the 29th day of the First Occupation. But here, already, […]

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