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City Hires Multinational with History of Human Rights Abuse

G4S Secure Solutions, a multinational corporation with widespread accusations of human rights abuses in many parts of the world, was awarded a contract on October 30, 2015, for the second time to provide the City of Tucson with security services and equipment. The new contract with the London-based firm runs from November 1, 2015 through […]

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Book cover of "The End of the World--Again" by Barry Vacker. Subtitle reads, "Why the Apocalypse Meme Replicates in Media, Science, and Culture". View of "earthrise" from moon (extreme foreground on right), with black (space) background.

Outwitting the Apocalypse Meme

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The End of the World–Again: Why the Apocalypse Meme Replicates in Media, Science, and Culture, by Barry Vacker, challenges the belief that apocalyptic or end-time changes are tenable and inevitable. In his new book, the Temple University media professor delineates how and why this apocalyptic “meme,” or culturally shared belief, has replicated […]

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Department of Army Photo of Private First Class Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning Tells Court Public Have the Right to Know About US War Crimes

THE REAL NEWS RATNER: {0:55} “Bradley Manning’s lawyer and Bradley had decided to plead guilty to certain of the charges, but really lesser included charges, not the top charges of espionage and aiding the enemy and all of that.” {1:38} “Bradley Manning pleaded guilty to many of the distribution or the transferring of documents to […]

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