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Police State

Interview with Beau Hodai

BY NORAH BOOTH, Occupied Tucson Citizen   Beau Hodai is an Arizona-based investigative reporter writing for the national press. He made these comments on journalism to Norah Booth for occupiedtucsoncitizen.org OTC: From your perspective as […]

Jun, 02

Wired: TPD Contract With Spy Tool Maker Prohibits Talking About Device’s Use

BY GREG EVANS, Occupied Tucson Citizen In a story broken by Arizona-based independent-media D.B.A. Press and reported on in Wired magazine (though not in the Arizona Daily Star), it was revealed that the Tucson Police […]

Mar, 09

Tucson Forum: You too Could be Homeless


Mar, 02

Cyber Feminista

BY DOCTRESS NEUTOPIA, Occupied Tucson Citizen The Place of Statelessness What is statelessness anyway? The US government took away NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s passport while he was in the Russian airport. In response, Snowden stated, […]

Feb, 17

Doublethink USA: The More Things Change

BY RICHARD GROVER, Occupied Tucson Citizen  

Feb, 16

Occupy Homelessness

BY JOHN COOPER, Occupied Tucson Citizen Every year, men, women, and children are arrested for performing basic activities that are essential to life. . There is increasing regulation of the streets, subways, parks, and other […]

Feb, 12

A New Left-Right Alliance?

BY THOMAS MOORE, The Occupied Tucson Citizen On the 24th of July the U.S. House of Representatives voted on amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill. This amendment if passed would have denied funding for National […]

Dec, 15


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