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Trial Begins for Indigenous Protesters in Peru

THOMAS MOORE, original to the Occupied Tucson Citizen After five years of bureaucratic delays and internal contradictions in the Peruvian judiciary system, the trial of 53 protesters in the northern Peruvian jungle town of Bagua […]

Jul, 02

Unlike in Seattle, Our City Council Can’t Raise the Minimum Wage

by BARBARA CIHIAR, Occupied Tucson Citizen Last year, the Arizona State Legislature passed HB 2280 and Governor Brewer signed it into law. It effectively banned any opportunity for local governments anywhere in Arizona to go […]

Jun, 16

Free Speech Under Attack

BY DOCTRESS NEUTOPIA, Occupied Tucson Citizen A video about the proposed elimination of Access Tucson from the city budget and the selling of its building.

May, 04

Tar Sands: the Ugly Proof that the Politicians are Still Clueless about Climate Change

BY LES SCRUGGS, Occupied Tucson Citizen                       The mining of the Tar Sands and the drilling of oil in Canada’s boreal forests is the most […]

Mar, 26

Two Vigils in Tucson

by LES SCRUGGS, Occupied Tucson Citizen In response to the terrible environmental nightmare that would result from the Keystone oil pipeline being built, Tucson activists assembled at two locations with great visibility — at the […]

Feb, 05

Documenting Arizona’s Autumn of Resistance Against the Border Patrol

BY RICHARD BOREN, Border Wars While southern Arizona continues to be ground zero for the most extreme measures of border militarization today, it is also home to powerful nodes of civil resistance. On December 8, […]

Jan, 05

1 out of 3 Bank Tellers in NY on Public Assistance

JESSICA DESVARIEUX interviews DEBORAH AXT, The Real News AXT: “This is just the first step at looking at this industry. We have been actively organizing in car washes and supermarkets and in fast food restaurants, […]

Jan, 05


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