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Tar Sands: the Ugly Proof that the Politicians are Still Clueless about Climate Change

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The mining of the Tar Sands and the drilling of oil in Canada’s boreal forests is the most destructive project on the earth in terms of climate change. Climate scientist James Hansen has said that developing Tar Sands further would be game over for the world climate. The Sierra Club feels so […]

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OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN A polemic from an original Tucson Occupier—Ed Going on two-years, NOW, We came together in Public Spaces to work out precisely why we were (and still are) losing America the Beautiful. The stolen Americas of the First Peoples that we inherited in the USA through deceit and cheating of some criminal families […]

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Painting of three men, arm in arm, the man in the middle holding a hammer. The faces of George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and a third are roughly superimposed onto the three men. At the bottom reads, "Oil Men Drill It Deeper"

Do the Texas one-percenters rule our nation?

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN For all the talk of the one percent, there is surprisingly little discussion of exactly who constitutes this privileged group. They are all very rich, to be sure, but there are considerable divisions and differences among them: the Kennedy brothers (JFK, RFK, and Teddy), for example, clearly had different political outlooks and […]

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