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An Overview of Low Income Housing in Tucson

BY JIM HANNAN, Occupied Tucson Citizen There is a spectrum of low income housing in Tucson: Homeless, sleeping in the park, need to move when prompted Homeless, sleeping in the river in a makeshift camp, […]

Aug, 02

Tucson: Cutting-edge of the Precariat?

BY GREG EVANS, Occupied Tucson Citizen When people talk about a “cutting edge” economy, how often are they thinking of Tucson? Probably not very often. Given our low-wage economy and our ranking as the 6th […]

Jul, 08

Privatizing Free Speech

BY DOCTRESS NEUTOPIA, Occupied Tucson Citizen Access Tucson started public access programming in 1984. At one time, Access Tucson was recognized throughout the country as being one of the best community TV stations in the […]

Jul, 04

Privatizing the Old Pueblo

BY THE EDITORS, The Occupied Tucson Citizen The list is long: the Ronstadt Transit Center, Access Tucson, the El Rio Golf Course, the former downtown Greyhound Bus Station, the former YMCA on 5th St., among […]

Jun, 30

Nature Bats Last, or, How Much Fun Can We Have While We’re Trying to Save Our Planet?

by MICHEAL GORDY, Occupied Tucson Citizen On Saturday, May 24th, the Third Anti-GMO Rally was held at Reid Park in Tucson. About three hundred souls, aged from seventy-plus to recently-born, marched from Reid Park at […]

May, 25

Court to City: Release the El Rio sweetheart deal documents

BY GREG EVANS, Occupied Tucson Citizen video by AUDIT AZ Attorney Bill Risner held a press conference yesterday in which he discussed last week’s Superior Court decision ordering the City of Tucson—once again—to comply with […]

May, 19

Free Speech Under Attack

BY DOCTRESS NEUTOPIA, Occupied Tucson Citizen A video about the proposed elimination of Access Tucson from the city budget and the selling of its building.

May, 04


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