Occupied Tucson Citizen

The Occupied Tucson Citizen Statement of Purpose

[En Español] An autonomous affinity group of local activists working in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Tucson announce today the launch of the Occupied Tucson Citizen, which will join the ranks of such […]

Apr, 30

Occupy Stories: Marisa Muro

BY MARISA MURO Occupy Tucson has been the best and maybe the worst thing to ever happen to me. When I showed up at the park October 15th, I knew very little about Occupy Wall […]

Apr, 30

Mainstream Media Ignores Illegal Arrests

BY TEX SHELTERS AND GREG EVANS On Friday, March 23, Paul Gattone, a lawyer representing members of Occupy Tucson, held a press conference to protest the Tucson Police Department’s recent actions against the occupiers at […]

Apr, 30

Six Month Occuversary

BY ERIN WHITFIELD This comic reflects both our short history (so far) as well as some of the unwitting examples of privilege and lack of initiative I’ve witnessed throughout the various forms of occupations we’ve […]

Apr, 30

CHILE: Otra educación es posible

POR RAÚL ZIBECHI [In English] En la última década, sudamérica ha sido la vanguardia de la izquierda global. El movimiento de los estudiantes de Chile no es una excepción. Este artículo merece atención por que […]

Apr, 30

Mindfuck Arizona #1

BY RICHARD GROVER Arizona recently enacted legislation that, in my opinion, infringes on women’s rights for the sake of feeding a little red meat to the conservative base. At best I consider this legislation superfluous […]

Apr, 30

May Day 2012

On May 1st, 2012, we are creating a new kind of holiday – A People’s Holiday – One that’s not just yet another flavor of consumerism, but is explicitly about imagining a world beyond consumerism. […]

Apr, 30


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