Occupied Tucson Citizen

Is American Education Backing the Wrong Horse? (Yes)

BY STEPHEN KRASHEN The claims The movement for national standards and tests is based on these claims: (1)  Our educational system is broken, as revealed by US students’ scores on international tests; (2) We must […]

May, 25

The True Job Creators are Middle Class Consumers

BY NICK HANAUER Nick Hanauer’s TED talk on inequality was widely reported as being banned from publication, but perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it may have suspiciously been overlooked because its […]

May, 25

Occupy Boot Camp: El Paso

BY RICHARD BOREN Occupy El Paso, Mid October 2011 Day One 1 a.m. – in San Jacinto Plaza, downtown El Paso: Three sleepless hours gone by since I crawled into the tent; in for a […]

May, 19

Mindfuck Arizona #2


May, 19

The ALEC Corporations: Not Necessarily Who You’d Think

BY ROY ELDERS The American Legislative and Exchange Council’s membership roll makes for interesting reading. While we would expect that the Bank of America, Exxon and the Koch companies are members, we can hardly say […]

May, 19

Media Consolidation: the Illusion of Choice

BY FRUGAL DAD This information and the accompanying graphics come from a larger infographic that can be found at frugaldad.com along with a list of sources.—Ed Media has never been more consolidated. 6 media giants […]

May, 19

Occupy Obamacare

BY GREG EVANS A Few Table Scraps from the Corporations Aren’t Enough I was surprised to see so many people demonstrate in support of the Obama health care plan when the Supreme Court was hearing […]

May, 12


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