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Mexico’s 30-day lesson in democracy

BY MARTA MOLINA On June 10, at 11:30 in the morning, Mexico City’s Zócalo Plaza began to fill with people wearing creative outfits and carrying posters and signs. Yo Soy 132 academics, Yo Soy 132 […]

Jun, 24

What happened to the Occupy movement?

BY ARUN GUPTA Occupy Wall Street was at the pinnacle of its power in October 2011, when thousands of people converged at Zuccotti Park and successfully foiled the plans of billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg to […]

Jun, 24

Austerity = Dramatic Rise of Radicalism in Greece

BY GREG EVANS Though the front-page headline of last Monday’s Arizona Republic confidently proclaimed that “Pro-bailout conservatives win Greek election,” the reality of last week’s election was far more complicated. The election, in fact, seemed […]

Jun, 24

Egyptian Military Council Severely Restricts Authority of Newly Elected President

BY JIHAN HAFIZ, THE REAL NEWS In the midst of Egypt’s presidential election last Sunday, June 17, the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) stripped the office of president of its powers as […]

Jun, 24

Nine arrested in downtown sidewalk protest

BY GREG EVANS On Thursday night near Veinte de Agosto park, nine protestors were arrested by the Tucson Police Department on the charge of “obstructing the sidewalk.” According to Occupy Public Land (a group independent […]

Jun, 24

Occupying in Solidarity

BY KEN LEE They descended on downtown parks last fall and winter, drawing hundreds of protest participants. Thousands more poured love and material support into the Occupy encampments. Drawn mostly from local organizations, Occupy Tucson […]

Jun, 16

Inside the tent of Occupy Tucson

BY MICHAEL LAFOND In this article written in late November of last year, Michael LaFond gives us a brief but systematic overview of the Occupy Tucson encampment as it was at Veinte de Agosto park. […]

Jun, 16


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