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Democracy, or Empire? The F-35 debate is a small part of a much larger question

BY GREG EVANS The fact that our local political establishment and democratic process is paralyzed in the face of the military’s insistence that they be free to station the F-35 jet fighter in Tucson should […]

Jul, 25

CIA Whistleblower Makes ‘Bold’ & ‘Provocative’ Allegations of ‘Selective’ & ‘Vindictive’ Prosecution

BY KEVIN GOSZTOLA John Kiriakou’s case deserves our attention because the current administration is already responsible for prosecuting more government officials under the Espionage Act than all previous administrations combined. Kiriakou has been an outspoken […]

Jul, 25

Miners’ protest revives anti-austerity movement in Spain

BY TER GARCIA The struggle against austerity policies and the undermining of civil rights in Spain continues, and it is gaining strength. In the past month, Spanish miners have joined the efforts of other workers […]

Jul, 25

Annexing Unincorporated Tucson

BY DANIEL CRAIG KAAPKE While a number of factors contribute to Tucson’s shortfall in revenue, the single, major factor is that the regions of the Catalina Foothills, Casas Adobes, and Tanque Verde have evaded annexation. […]

Jul, 16

Tucson arrests of Occupy affiliated activists continue

BY GREG EVANS Though there was no coverage of it in the mainstream Tucson media, arrests of Occupy-affiliated activists continue apace in Tucson. On Wednesday, July 11, Occupy Tucson and Veterans for Peace activist Dave […]

Jul, 16

Mindfuck Arizona #3


Jul, 16

Letter after City Court hearings

BY MARY DE CAMP I just came from the City Court where I had 5 back-to-back hearings for “camping in the park after dark” and was found guilty in all cases.  I have about 30 […]

Jul, 16


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