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Ominous shaded computer screen with facebook, google, twitter and director of national intelligence logos

Occupy movement bugged by corporations

TIMLIBERT.ME An analysis of 100 Occupy websites by Tim Limbert shows 99 are insecure. Most are hosting tracking bugs by Google, Twitter, and Facebook which are designed to collect information on visitors. Since these are US corporations, activist data is vulnerable to government data-mining. At OTC, to be in full compliance with Limbert’s suggestions we […]

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Election Fraud? True or False: Flush it Down the Memory Hole

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Most of you no doubt remember the controversy surrounding the implementation of electronic voting terminals. Most famously, Diebold voting machines are believed by many to have helped fix the 2004 presidential election in Ohio. For years elements in the Democratic party took a lead in exposing the security problems with these machines, […]

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Climate Activists Demand That TEP Stop Burning Coal

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN On August 9, more than a dozen activists from TUCAN (Tucson Climate Action Network) held a press conference and distributed leaflets in front of Tucson Electric Power’s downtown headquarters to demand that TEP stop burning coal at its Sundt Generating Station. The TUCAN activists carried signs that read “Coal Kills,” “There is […]

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Arizona Election Fraud: “In the Spirit of Cooperation, Let’s Not Look Into the Past”

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN? By “taking the matter under advisement”, Judge Kyle Bryson kicked the can a little farther down the road last Monday and further postponed the hearing granted to the Libertarian Party by the appellate courts for prospective relief in rigged elections.  Litigation was prompted by the discovery of suspicious activity surrounding the 2-billion […]

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