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Big Red and Blue A

Has a vulgar, “frat” mindset taken over the U of A student newspaper?

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN In its weekend edition of September 7, the Arizona Daily Wildcat gave a virtuoso performance of what we might call “frat think” at its most stereotypically base–including making light of drug-induced rape. In one article, titled “Avoid these post-game sex follies this weekend,” we learn that “shower sex sucks,” that pool sex […]

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The border wall, Sonora, Mexico

Is the Arizona Border a War Zone?

The Real News Network cuts through the hyperbole about spill over violence, travelling to the Arizona border with Mexico. Includes footage of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and interviews with Santa Cruz County Sherriff Tony Estrada and Maureen Meyer with Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). More at The Real News  

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Signs from Occupy Tucson encampment at De Anza: "Occupy Tucson -- All Voices Heard" "Buy Local" "Be The Change"

A recap of recent Occupy Tucson trials

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Slowly but surely the cases of those charged in relation to Occupy Tucson protests are being brought to trial, giving us a glimpse into how the courts will react to Occupy tactics and in what direction the local Occupy movement might go with its future protests. In one trial, three occupiers were […]

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Black splatter dominates a subtle pattern in the background. In red letters, centered over splatter: "OCCUPY"

Those Left Behind

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN It is the natural check on intolerance and privilege provided by assembling with all comers in a full out urban encampment that distinguished Occupy Tucson (OT) from the mainstream left/progressive organizing that has dominated the blue political space in the corporate sponsored red/blue show for more than a generation. ¬†All comers include […]

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Cut out of Noam Chomsky juxtaposed with 4 book covers: Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations", Ha-Joon Chang's "Bad Samaritans", Noam Chomsky's "Hegemony or Survival", and Richard DuBoff's "Accumulation and Power"

Study Like Chomsky!

From Correspondence with Noam Chomasky: You have often made reference to Adam Smith’s advice to a young United States to focus on its advantage in exporting raw materials, and to the historical US policy to instead invest and prop up its industrial base. Where is this quote of Adam Smith’s found, and what was the […]

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