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Major banking scandals only back page news at the Arizona Daily Star

BY GREG EVANS, Occupied Tucson Citizen That HSBC bank officials knowingly helped Mexican drug lords launder their money is bad enough. That the Obama administration decided not to file criminal charges against the responsible bank […]

Dec, 30

#IdleNoMore protests sweep across Canada

BY KEN LEE, Occupied Tucson Citizen View #IdleNoMore Events in 2012 in a larger map. Google Map by Tim Groves A movement is sweeping across Canada that has ignited over 100 rallies, blockades, flash mob […]

Dec, 30

Mining Protests in Bisbee

BY A LONE PROTESTER On Saturday, December 15, a group of Occupy Phoenix members drove down to Bisbee to take part in protests against the ALEC-affiliated mining company Freeport McMoran, whose pollution of the local […]

Dec, 30

UN Approves Intervention in Mali

PAUL JAY INTERVIEWS NII AKUETTEH, The Real News France, US, and African Union push resolution for an African led military force to take northern Mali back from Tuareg secessionists and militant Islamic forces.

Dec, 30

40,000 Zapatistas March peacefully on Five Chiapas Cities

BY KEN LEE, Occupied Tucson Citizen Tim Russo reported in Upside Down World that 40,000 indigenous people marched to five cities in the Mexican state of Chiapas on December 21, 2012. They marched in the […]

Dec, 30

Do the Texas one-percenters rule our nation?

BY GREG EVANS For all the talk of the one percent, there is surprisingly little discussion of exactly who constitutes this privileged group. They are all very rich, to be sure, but there are considerable […]

Dec, 10

Countering Fantasy: Obama’s Second Tribal Nations Conference

SHIHAB RATTANSI INTERVIEWS OFELIA RIVAS, PATTY TALAHONGVA, and BRIAN PATTERSON, Al Jazeera; with COMMENTARY BY BRENDA NORRELL, Censored News Aljazeera responded to Censored News article, ‘The Uninvited: The White House Tribal Nations Conference.’ Aljazeera’s guest […]

Dec, 10


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