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Our System of Elections Must Be Abolished

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Disclaimer: I am not advocating that people stop voting. Using one of the few options given to us, voting, does not mean the system works. U.S. elections are not democratic. Our choices are limited and the elections are dominated by corporations that work exclusively to guarantee their profits. Our corporate government shovels […]

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Idle No More at Tucson Mall

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZENS Over 200 people gathered around the throbbing drums and horns echoing through Tucson Mall on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. in unity with the Idle No More Movement’s call for a Global Day of Action. In what has become a signature of a movement only weeks old, the flash mob […]

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Border Patrol steals migrant’s food and blankets during recent cold spell

NO MORE DEATHS Tucson, AZ- A hidden camera video released by Tucson-based humanitarian organization, No More Deaths, shows an agent of the U.S. Border Patrol removing clean blankets and food intended for migrants in distress.  The January 8 video captures a Border Patrol agent on a desert trail near the town of Arivaca, Arizona, about 12 […]

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OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN A polemic from an original Tucson Occupier—Ed Going on two-years, NOW, We came together in Public Spaces to work out precisely why we were (and still are) losing America the Beautiful. The stolen Americas of the First Peoples that we inherited in the USA through deceit and cheating of some criminal families […]

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