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Our System of Elections Must Be Abolished

BY TEX SHELTERS, Occupied Tucson Citizen Disclaimer: I am not advocating that people stop voting. Using one of the few options given to us, voting, does not mean the system works. U.S. elections are not […]

Jan, 23

Idle No More at Tucson Mall

BY KEN LEE, Occupied Tucson Citizen Over 200 people gathered around the throbbing drums and horns echoing through Tucson Mall on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. in unity with the Idle No More […]

Jan, 23

Border Patrol steals migrant’s food and blankets during recent cold spell

BY NO MORE DEATHS Tucson, AZ- A hidden camera video released by Tucson-based humanitarian organization, No More Deaths, shows an agent of the U.S. Border Patrol removing clean blankets and food intended for migrants in distress.  […]

Jan, 23


BY BOB ZAVODA A polemic from an original Tucson Occupier—Ed Going on two-years, NOW, We came together in Public Spaces to work out precisely why we were (and still are) losing America the Beautiful. The […]

Jan, 23

The Black Elite and the Legacy of Martin Luther King

PAUL JAY INTERVIEWS GLEN FORD, The Real News   The Black upper class took advantage of legal victories won by Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement and then helped to undermine the movement.

Jan, 23

Underwater on Your Mortgage? HARPs for the Drowning

BY NORAH BOOTH, Occupied Tucson Citizen This is the full and updated version of an article that first appeared in abridged form in the August 2, 2012 edition of the Tucson Weekly—Ed Over the last […]

Jan, 11

You’re Welcome Iraq

BY BORING PSYCHEDELIA, Occupied Tucson Citizen We hope others will be inspired to submit their own music by sharing this darkly humored, industrial-dance, anti-war song—Ed.

Jan, 11


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