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May Day 2012


General Strike Match by Molly Crabapple

On May 1st, 2012, we are creating a new kind of holiday – A People’s Holiday – One that’s not just yet another flavor of consumerism, but is explicitly about imagining a world beyond consumerism. We ask you to do one of two things to commemorate this day.

  • Don’t like what you do? Don’t do it. Take one day to do something you love, instead.
  • Love what you do? Do it for free. Take it to the next level, and bring it to the public.

This is what it means to strike today. Join us, as we imagine another way of living.


Link to full article, courtesy of MayDayNYC.org


These are just some of the many local organizations are supporting the Day Without the 99%:

May 1st Coalition-NYC
Industrial Union Council-NJ
International Workers of the World
AFSCME Local 372 DC 37
AFSCME Local 375 DC 37
CWA Local 1180
Greater NY Labor-Religion Coalition
La Fuente
Left Labor Project
New York City LCLAA
New York City Taxi Workers Alliance
NY Civic Participation Project
UAW Region 9A
United NY
Workers United, SEIU

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