The Occupied Tucson Citizen Statement of Purpose

Originally an autonomous affinity group of local activists working in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Tucson, the Occupied Tucson Citizen as of Novemer 2012 has become a working group within Occupy Tucson.

The mainstream media, as well as large segments of independent media, in Tucson and nationwide fail to represent the concerns of the Occupy movement, ignoring successes and reveling in setbacks: they are unwilling or unable to explore the nuances of this complex movement.
We are part of a wave of Occupy newspapers such as The Occupied Los Angeles Times, The Boston Occupier, The Occupied Chicago Tribune and The Occupied Wall Street Journal.

We have been publishing original and, with permission, republished media since May 2012, with the goal of sustaining a quarterly newsprint. Our first edition will be for Winter 2012.

The Bare Bones Budget: Inaugural Issue.

Printing (10,000 copies, newsprint, 8 tabloid pages): $739. Distribution (gas money for volunteers): $200.

Design, editing, content, layout & distribution: $0.00, volunteered as the Occupied Tucson Citizen Working Group.

Online version of the newspaper.

Weekly updates on local & international Occupy activities & solidarity actions, current events, analysis, comics, and more:

Endorsements & support of local & national Occupy movements.

A preview issue of The Occupied Tucson Citizen was produced in May 2012, funded by a joint grant from the Occupy Tucson General Fund and the Wallace Global Fund, upon the recommendation of activists from the Occupy Wall Street Journal.

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