Protesters demonstrating with large nurse puppet (with huge blue hands) for single-payer healthcare

Occupy Obamacare

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN A Few Table Scraps from the Corporations Aren’t Enough I was surprised to see so many people demonstrate in support of the Obama health care plan when the Supreme Court was hearing arguments over its constitutionality a few weeks ago. I was even more surprised at my own concern over the possibility […]

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The Privilege to Protest

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Hidden Classism and Ableism In anticipation of what could potentially be one of the greatest May Day demonstrations in the recent history of North America, major news outlets reported that police departments everywhere were geared up and prepared for confrontations. Special attention should be paid as to whether there was an unusual […]

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Zoom-in of sign held by protester. Reads, "Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to change the world."

The Horizontalist

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN I have so many questions. Where do I start? How about this: what would the Occupy movement in Tucson do differently, if we could start over at October 15, 2011? Which twists and turns of this movement did we foresee and which have taken us utterly by surprise? What has changed in the […]

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Occupy: The Left or The 99%?

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN We may not like what sometimes even more than half (or approaching half in other cases) of our fellow citizens believe on some particular issue, and we don’t have to support their views, but we can’t pretend they don’t really believe it; nor that we understand that issue better, and they would […]

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Drawing of tent with word "OCCUPY" stamped over it

Poetry: two untitled pieces

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN 1. a year ago my heart fell to the ground crashing to a million little pieces. i’m making it whole again mending it back together in the stillness of a park my back separated from the earth only by the thin plastic of a tent I call home now. 2. my people […]

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