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Anti-austerity update: A general strike in Greece while Spanish police launch a brutal attack on demonstrators

BY GREG EVANS After a brief lull, anti-austerity protests in Europe were dramatically ratcheted up last week, especially in Greece and Spain. In Greece last Wednesday there was a 24 hour general strike to protest […]

Oct, 03

Austerity = Dramatic Rise of Radicalism in Greece

BY GREG EVANS Though the front-page headline of last Monday‚Äôs Arizona Republic confidently proclaimed that “Pro-bailout conservatives win Greek election,” the reality of last week’s election was far more complicated. The election, in fact, seemed […]

Jun, 24

Occupy-related uprisings continue across the world

BY GREG EVANS ATHENS (May 29) — Voters in Greece sent tremors across the Eurozone on May 6 by recording a massive protest vote against EU-dictated austerity. Parties that had participated in an emergency government […]

Jun, 02


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