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1 out of 3 Bank Tellers in NY on Public Assistance

JESSICA DESVARIEUX interviews DEBORAH AXT, The Real News AXT: “This is just the first step at looking at this industry. We have been actively organizing in car washes and supermarkets and in fast food restaurants, […]

Jan, 05

Documents in JPMorgan settlement reveal how every large bank in U.S. has committed mortgage fraud

JAISAL NOOR interviews BILL BLACK, The Real News BLACK: “The United States government, now with the endorsement of the Justice Department, has said that after investigation it found that essentially every large bank involved in […]

Dec, 14

Black Report: Majority of Wall St. Money Now Goes to Romney

BY BILL BLACK, The Real News Even though many on Wall St. understand need for regulation, most want a free-for-all and damn the consequences.

Sep, 11

Bank Protests Are Back

BY ALICE WHITTENBURG Despite the heat of late July afternoons, demonstrators from Occupy Tucson have been targetting Chase Bank in curbside rush-hour protests that remind hundreds of motorists about Chase’s continued risky financial activities. On […]

Aug, 01

Africa and the War Against Offshore Finance

PAUL JAY INTERVIEWS LÉONCE NDIKUMANA To reduce poverty, Africa needs to demand financial transparency as big banks collude with local corruption.

Aug, 01

The Man Who Invented “Too Big to Fail” Banks Finally Recants. Will Obama or Romney Follow?

BY ROBERT REICH I’m in Alaska, amid moose and bear, trying to steal some time away from the absurdities of American politics and economics. But even at this remote distance I caught wind of Sanford […]

Aug, 01

Why is No One Freaking Out About the LIBOR Banking Scandal?

BY MATT TAIBI The LIBOR manipulation story has exploded into a major scandal overseas. The CEO of Barclays, Bob Diamond, has resigned in disgrace; his was the first of what will undoubtedly be many major […]

Jul, 08


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