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Announcing the Lambda Lamb Academy of Acting Administrators

BY HARRY WHITE, Occupied Tucson Citizen As a service to Tucson-area residents who are looking for career opportunities, especially given the continuing administrative turmoil at our beloved Pima Community College, we are passing on the […]

Aug, 26

Are UA, PCC Students Being Taken in by Federal Loan Sharks?

BY GREG EVANS, Occupied Tucson Citizen   The federal government, in collusion with universities and colleges both public and private, appears determined to resurrect an early American form of debt bondage for the benefit of […]

Feb, 03

Education Reform in Arizona: Just Another Year of Our Children’s Lives

BY STEPHEN STOLLMACK, Arizona Community Press Most of us are now aware that certain forces within the government and private sectors are expending tremendous amounts of money and energy to change how our public education […]

Nov, 02

Students, indentured servitude and America’s trillion dollar student loan debt (and, by the way, welcome back, UofA and PCC students!)

BY GREG EVANS, Occupied Tucson Citizen   All across the United States the after-effects of the housing crash are still being felt, from vacant houses to a stagnant economy. However, when it was announced last […]

Sep, 17

Police as Drug Recognition Experts. What could go wrong?

BY NORAH BOOTH, Occupied Tucson Citizen Some serious errors can be fatal while others just result in life-changing havoc. For Gavin Douglas, AKA Gadget to five grandkids, life as a master metal worker, sculptor, and […]

Jun, 17

Indigenous and Teacher Protest from Oaxaca, Part One

BY LAUREN ASRAEL from Oaxaca for the Occupied Tucson Citizen In the tourist city of Oaxaca in this poor Southern Mexican state, teachers and a group of indigenous Triqui people are occupying the Zocalo.  The […]

Mar, 19

So What If Teachers Are in It for the Money?

BY YASMIN NAIR Few things have delighted me more in recent weeks than the sight of so many people, and not all of them teachers, clad in red t-shirts in support of the currently ongoing […]

Sep, 17


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