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The People of the Land are Idle No More

BY KEN LEE, Occupied Tucson Citizen The day of our last solstice, in the Maya Long Count Calendar, is the day the previous creation ends. The people of the land of the Maya, direct descendants, […]

Apr, 19

The Peace and Dignity Journey in Tucson: some oral recountings

INTERVIEWS AND OBSERVATIONS BY KEN LEE On September 12, the 2012 Peace and Dignity Journey arrived in Tucson. The journey is a relay through indigenous communities, starting in Alaska and concluding in Central America, in […]

Dec, 04

Mexico’s 30-day lesson in democracy

BY MARTA MOLINA On June 10, at 11:30 in the morning, Mexico City’s Zócalo Plaza began to fill with people wearing creative outfits and carrying posters and signs. Yo Soy 132 academics, Yo Soy 132 […]

Jun, 24

A Mexican Spring begins to blossom

BY MARTA MOLINA In Mexico City’s daily life — in the shops, taxicabs, cafes and lines waiting for the bus — one could hear conversations between people of all ages saying that Enrique Peña Nieto […]

Jun, 09


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