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Nature Bats Last, or, How Much Fun Can We Have While We’re Trying to Save Our Planet?

by MICHEAL GORDY, Occupied Tucson Citizen On Saturday, May 24th, the Third Anti-GMO Rally was held at Reid Park in Tucson. About three hundred souls, aged from seventy-plus to recently-born, marched from Reid Park at […]

May, 25

Occupy Tucson Activist Billy Lolos Dies

BY OTC WORKING GROUP, Occupied Tucson Citizen Billy Lolos, a key activist of Occupy Tucson since its earliest days, has died aged 61 after a short but valiant battle against liver cancer. Billy spearheaded Occupy’s […]

Apr, 24

Third Print Edition of the OTC Hits the Streets!

BY THE EDITORS, Occupied Tucson Citizen The third print edition of the Occupied Tucson Citizen has just come off the presses with a print run of 10,000 copies and is now being distributed across Tucson […]

Dec, 29

“We want wages supersized!!!” chant Tucson demonstrators

BY LES SCRUGGS, Occupied Tucson Citizen “Hold the burgers!”, “Hold the fries!”, “We want wages supersized!!!” chanted demonstrators at the McDonald’s on Speedway and Alvernon in Tucson yesterday. The demonstration was held in solidarity with […]

Dec, 06

No Drone March Tucson, Arizona 9/11/13

BY DOCTRESS NEUTOPIA, Occupied Tucson Citizen A video piece about the No Drone March that took place in Tucson on September 11, 2013.

Oct, 07

Opposing S.744, The Senate’s “Immigration Reform” Bill

BY SHERRY MANN, Occupied Tucson Citizen On Monday, June 24, the Senate voted to move forward with an immigration-reform package that includes extreme border militarization tied to an already onerous pathway to citizenship. Due to […]

Jul, 29

The story of Occupy Tucson reported in European press

[Ed. Note: This article contrasting two Occupy encampments on two different continents – Occupy Tucson and Occupy Prague – by Occupied Tucson Citizen working group member Greg Evans recently appeared in the Czech cultural-political journal […]

May, 31


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