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Why did Rwandan War Lord Accused of Crimes in Congo, Give Himself Up to the ICC?

MAURICE CARNEY interviewed by PAUL JAY, The Real News Rwanda hands over one warlord to ICC and props up others as it continues plunder of Congo’s resources.   QUOTES: JAY: Bosco says ... he gave […]

May, 03

Bradley Manning Tells Court Public Have the Right to Know About US War Crimes

PAUL JAY interviews MICHAEL RATNER, The Real News RATNER: {0:55} “Bradley Manning’s lawyer and Bradley had decided to plead guilty to certain of the charges, but really lesser included charges, not the top charges of […]

Mar, 03

Bradley Manning 1000 Days in Jail and more Government Crackdown on Transparency

PAUL JAY interviews MICHAEL RATNER, The Real News Worldwide support for Manning as trial of alleged Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond takes bizarre twist QUOTES: RATNER: “[Bradley Manning] has now been in pretrial detention, as we’re […]

Feb, 24

The Black Elite and the Legacy of Martin Luther King

PAUL JAY INTERVIEWS GLEN FORD, The Real News   The Black upper class took advantage of legal victories won by Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement and then helped to undermine the movement.

Jan, 23

UN Approves Intervention in Mali

PAUL JAY INTERVIEWS NII AKUETTEH, The Real News France, US, and African Union push resolution for an African led military force to take northern Mali back from Tuareg secessionists and militant Islamic forces.

Dec, 30

Manning Testifies About His Torture; Was it Aimed at Turning Him on Assange?

PAUL JAY INTERVIEWS MICHAEL RATNER, The Real News Manning describes cruel and unusual punishment; offers to plea to lesser charges.

Dec, 10

With US Blessing, Rwanda Backs M23 Rebels in Congo

PAUL JAY INTERVIEWS KAMBALE MUSAVULI, The Real News Obama ignores legislation he sponsored in US Senate calling for sanctions against countries interfering in the Congo.

Dec, 10


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