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Tucson’s Reign of Bombs

By SHANNON CAIN, Occupied Tucson Citizen Third in an ongoing series of irreverent profiles on Tucson’s One Percent, this time featuring Raytheon Missle Systems Net Worth 2012 net income was $1.9 billion. Net sales weighed […]

Jan, 28

Twitter smackdown on gas attack doubters!!

BY G. S. BIERCE, Occupied Tucson Citizen   whoa, srsly??? — G S Bierce (@GSBierce) September 4, 2013   just heard #traitor say Assad’s chemical attacks in #ghouta are a setup #dumb — G S […]

Sep, 04

“Too trapped in a war to be at peace, too damaged to be at war”: Phoenix Army Vet’s Last Words

BY DANIEL SOMERS, Occupied Tucson Citizen The suicide on June 10 of producer and singer/guitarist Daniel Somers of the Phoenix rock band Lisa Savidge has gained international attention due to the lengthy suicide note he […]

Jul, 17

The entire globe is a battlefield for Pentagon

BY PEPE ESCOBAR, Russia Today Forget it; the Global War on Terror (GWOT) is not becoming more “democratic” – or even transparent. US President Barack Obama now pledges to transfer the responsibility of the shadow […]

Jun, 15

You’re Welcome Iraq

BY BORING PSYCHEDELIA, Occupied Tucson Citizen We hope others will be inspired to submit their own music by sharing this darkly humored, industrial-dance, anti-war song—Ed.

Jan, 11

With US Blessing, Rwanda Backs M23 Rebels in Congo

PAUL JAY INTERVIEWS KAMBALE MUSAVULI, The Real News Obama ignores legislation he sponsored in US Senate calling for sanctions against countries interfering in the Congo.

Dec, 10

The Strong and the Sweet in Palestine’s Successful UN Bid

BY URI AVNERY It was a day of joy. Joy for the Palestinian people. Joy for all those who hope for peace between Israel and the Arab world. And, in a modest way, for me […]

Dec, 03


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