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UN Approves Intervention in Mali

PAUL JAY INTERVIEWS NII AKUETTEH, The Real News France, US, and African Union push resolution for an African led military force to take northern Mali back from Tuareg secessionists and militant Islamic forces.

Dec, 30

Of Bombs and Comics

BY URI AVNERY MY FIRST reaction to Binyamin Netanyahu’s exhibition of comics at the UN General Assembly was shame. Shame that the supreme elected representative of my country would stoop to such a primitive rhetorical […]

Oct, 18

Wikileaks founder Assange Speaks to United Nations

The Real News Network speaks with Michael Ratner, Julian Assange’s US Attorney and President Emeritus, Center for Constitutional Rights after Assange addressed the UN. His speech was delivered via satellite on Wednesday, September 26, from […]

Oct, 03

Occupy Protesters’ Rights Must Be Protected, U.N. Says; U.S. Says Nothing

BY DAN FROOMKIN WASHINGTON — Federal officials have yet to respond to two United Nations human rights envoys who formally requested that the U.S. government protect Occupy protesters against excessive force by law enforcement officials. […]

Jul, 01


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