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The entire globe is a battlefield for Pentagon

BY PEPE ESCOBAR, Russia Today Forget it; the Global War on Terror (GWOT) is not becoming more “democratic” – or even transparent. US President Barack Obama now pledges to transfer the responsibility of the shadow […]

Jun, 15

Zero Dark Thirty

BY ROBERT GUARD, Occupied Tucson Citizen One part nerdy, one part torture porn, Zero Dark Thirty is a cold, amoral view of torture interposed with the more mundane and methodical practices of intelligence gathering, analyzing, […]

Mar, 08

Bradley Manning 1000 Days in Jail and more Government Crackdown on Transparency

PAUL JAY interviews MICHAEL RATNER, The Real News Worldwide support for Manning as trial of alleged Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond takes bizarre twist QUOTES: RATNER: “[Bradley Manning] has now been in pretrial detention, as we’re […]

Feb, 24

CIA Whistleblower Makes ‘Bold’ & ‘Provocative’ Allegations of ‘Selective’ & ‘Vindictive’ Prosecution

BY KEVIN GOSZTOLA John Kiriakou’s case deserves our attention because the current administration is already responsible for prosecuting more government officials under the Espionage Act than all previous administrations combined. Kiriakou has been an outspoken […]

Jul, 25

Chris Hedges Hails “Monumental” Ruling Blocking NDAA Indefinite Detention

AMY GOODMAN INTERVIEWS CHRIS HEDGES AND BRUCE AFRAN In a rare move, a federal judge has struck down part of a controversial law signed by President Obama that gave the government the power to indefinitely […]

Jul, 08

Cleveland Occupy arrests are the latest in FBI’s pattern of manipulation

BY ARUN GUPTA extended version of article available at alternet The FBI says the five arrested before May Day are terrorists, but friends in Cleveland say they were goaded on by informant Like real-life Avengers, […]

Jun, 02


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