What you can do to clean up Fake News

Screen shot of Keller Williams Facebook page

In the digital age trust is often based on reviews by people we’ve never met.  Facebook (along with many other businesses) tries to make trust easy for users by displaying a rating on reviews. However, this system is easy for businesses to take advantage of as they can have their own employees write reviews. Often companies …

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ALEC and the War on Women

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN Abortion is perhaps one of the most controversial issues in America. Protests and legislative groups have long fought for their belief of whether Pro-Life or Pro-Choice is the ‘right’ choice for America. Women are caught in the middle, facing real and immediate decisions about their health, ability to work and their own …

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Anarchy in the USA, can it solve your problems?

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN What victories do anarchists have to claim in making the world better?  Often when encountering political groups like the democratic party an argument about how best to change the system occurs.  Those who make changes within the system can point to a long list of legislative victories. It’s harder to define when …

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Who’s Your Daddy?

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The United States is often considered the first modern democracy, bringing a new form of government that spread across the world. Approaching the 250th anniversary of Independence the US faces a mountain of debt, wars across the globe, an environmental crisis and more guided by its elected leaders whose powers are limited …

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Drones over our Skies

A picture of a US Spy Drone

OCCUPIED TUCSON CITIZEN The Military and law enforcement are increasingly using drones to gather information and perform missions. On American Soil most drones seem to be used only for surveillance, while in other countries US drones have been used to perform targeted killings. Among the public many are concerned about this technology, often hard to …

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