This Neighborhood: Film Commentary

Mister Rogers? That hokey little kid’s show? Now we know: It was a stealth operation. Early in the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood we see a lumpy little diorama built up of gaily painted wooden toy images, all of fields, and rivers, and trees, and houses, and animals, and the steam towers of …

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Luddites 3.0

Detail of engraving showing the original Luddites

I. INTENTIONS Technological Progress: have you ever heard of it? Yes, I know, lots of folks have. Marketers have made sure of this. We are bombarded with reports of it every day, by thousands of advertisements. We are told that this year’s new car is “better than” last year’s new car, and many reasons are …

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The Interview: A Review

Picture from movie poster of film

Dangerous propaganda – that would be the sort where imperialists succeed in convincing people that foreign meddling is going to be fun. Full disclosure – I probably would not have gone to see this film had it not been for the repeated coverage over the past three weeks, of dozens of implausible & conflicting rumors …

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