On Reading “Notes for a Feminist Manifesto” While in My Rust Belt Hometown

2018 Women's Strike in Spain

Though the Occupy movement continues to fade from public memory, references to our signature chant of “We are the 99%!” still abound. They are of interest either because we feel ripped off when mainstream political candidates claim to be and/or represent 99-percenters or because we are glad to be reminded of the cooperation and solidarity …

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The Bisbee Deportation, 1917

Picture of IWW members under armed guard being put on trains

One hundred years ago Bisbee, Arizona, hosted the beginning of the defeat of one of the world’s boldest and most effective labor organizations, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) or Wobblies, when 1186 striking copper mine workers were rounded up, loaded into cattle cars, then dumped in the desert of southwest New Mexico at …

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Ruling Opens Way for Tucson Cabbies to Unionize

Picture of some of the demonstrators

More than 200 Tucson taxi drivers hired by AAA Transportation/Yellow Cab are employees, not independent contractors, and therefore eligible for union representation according to an October ruling by National Labor Relations Board Regional (NLRB) director Cornele A. Overstreet. This historic decision is based on a determination that the drivers’ opportunities for loss or gain are …

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Message to the People of France

Even though the Tucson’s bus strike is over, the Bus Rider’s Union wants the City Council to end its contact with Transdev Corporation, who manages the bus service. In this video, which was created during the strike, reveals the power hierarchy of our local bus system. Do we want our city’s transportation to be managed …

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