What you can do to clean up Fake News

Screen shot of Keller Williams Facebook page

In the digital age trust is often based on reviews by people we’ve never met.  Facebook (along with many other businesses) tries to make trust easy for users by displaying a rating on reviews. However, this system is easy for businesses to take advantage of as they can have their own employees write reviews. Often companies …

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Message to the People of France

Even though the Tucson’s bus strike is over, the Bus Rider’s Union wants the City Council to end its contact with Transdev Corporation, who manages the bus service. In this video, which was created during the strike, reveals the power hierarchy of our local bus system. Do we want our city’s transportation to be managed …

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Film Review: 1971, The Year of “The Burglary”

Movie poster for the film "1971"

The precursor to whistle-blowing on the government’s surveillance of its citizens was the 1971 burglary of an FBI outpost in the sleepy town of Media, Pennsylvania. Information leaked to the national press detailed spying operations on anti-war dissidents. While this news dominated headlines in print and on television, an unprecedented search for the burglars was …

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