Review: Where to Invade Next by Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s new movie, “Where to Invade Next” is not what you’d expect from Moore. It is not some jeremiad against US nefariousness somewhere around the world, nor is it an enraged assault on capitalism, our health care “system” or anything else. What it is, in reality, is a call to our highest ideals. But …

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Sí Se Puede – Just Not Yet

Spain’s parliamentary elections of December 20th produced uncanny results. While the ruling center-right Popular Party (PP), obtained 28.7% of the vote and the greatest number of seats in the Chamber of Deputies, 123 of a total of 350 seats, it lost 63 seats and its absolute majority. The second-placed social democratic PSOE with 22.0% of …

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The Furled Flags of France

Picture of a French flag on pole that is wrapped, and therefore not flying freely.

[taken with permission from the Facebook page of former Occupied Tucson Citizen working group member Shannon Cain, now residing in Paris. For those who don’t already know, the French flag filter places the image of a French flag over your profile picture on your Facebook page or, as the company itself puts it, “Change your …

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