The Dawn of Everything

The illustration is a detail from Abraham Bosse's frontispiece for Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes

by Thomas Moore Perhaps once in a generation, a new contribution is made to our understanding of who we are and how we relate to our fellow human beings that brings about what the American physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn called a paradigm shift. I believe David Graeber and David Wengrow’s The Dawn of Everything …

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Occupy Wall Street Ten Years On

Picture showing Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators

by Michael Hauser What exactly has the Occupy Wall Street movement come to symbolize from a distance of ten years from its founding? For some, it is seen as a movement that lacked concrete demands, and in which decentralization and an anti-hierarchical sensibility were more important than a coherent political program. For others, it represents …

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Whither Peru?

Ballot paper for the second round between Castillo and Fujimori

The election on June 6, 2021, of Pedro Castillo, from the left-leaning Perú Libre, or Free Peru Party, as President of Peru has received much attention in the international press, with signals of both critical concern and cautious hope. To provide a better understanding of the situation on the ground in Peru and prospects for …

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Five Quotes to Remember When Defending Food Not Bombs’ Right to Feed Unhoused People in De Anza Park

Dr. Goli Baheri reading letter from PDI

The quote that inspired the latest debate about whether or not unhoused people in Tucson deserve to be treated with respect and dignity was embedded in a tweet from the Tucson Police on their Park Safety account on February 7. TPD posted an announcement about Tucson City Code 21-4, asserting that it’s a crime to …

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The Shifting Geography of Protest (Redux)

Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map of Earth

Long ago, and in all four of our print editions, the OTC ran a feature called “The Shifting Geography of Protest: A Global Digest,” in which we listed and summarized all the different areas of the world in which protests had erupted. The feature was inspired by a blog written by the late, distinguished sociologist …

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