A Poem and a Problem

Arizona is fourth in the nation in prison population, only beaten by Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. 2010 research found 1 in 13 Arizonans have a current or prior felony conviction, limiting their ability to find jobs, support family, and become productive, tax-paying citizens. Spending for the Department of Corrections, which oversees the state’s prison system, …

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Picture of a demonstration of a hummingbird drone

Whirly Bird hovers like a copter, and gazes in your window. He passes for a hummingbird although his tiny eyes are lenses. There’s nothing not subverted now, recruited for the art of war. He hovers like a copter and when he whirs away you’ll never know if he is just an iridescent little bird like …

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Op-Ed: Yes on 201 is a vote against random surveillance

If you don’t like random surveillance, or if you think that the privatization of the prison system was a bad idea, then you should be against the red light cameras. Because the red-light cameras aren’t owned by the Tucson Police Department. They aren’t run by TPD. Instead American Traffic Solutions, a corporation, runs the entire …

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Mary DeCamp Speaks at 3/17/15 Call to the Audience

photograph of Mary DeCamp and a dog named Birdie; a road is in the background

Good evening mayor, council, workers, & audience members. Thank you for sharing your time and attention. I’m Mary DeCamp, a local activist. No permanent residence; more a butterfly approach to landing here and there, sampling the neighborhood nectars, as it were. I’m not paid to speak for anyone, yet I have the audacity to think …

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Film Review: 1971, The Year of “The Burglary”

Movie poster for the film "1971"

The precursor to whistle-blowing on the government’s surveillance of its citizens was the 1971 burglary of an FBI outpost in the sleepy town of Media, Pennsylvania. Information leaked to the national press detailed spying operations on anti-war dissidents. While this news dominated headlines in print and on television, an unprecedented search for the burglars was …

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