OTC Newspaper Distribution


Click here for the most current distribution list.  If you deliver OTC, please leave a reply below with your name and the following info about where you delivered the paper: full address, business name, number delivered and a brief description of placement, if necessary.  Thank you for helping deliver independent media to Tucson.

1 thought on “OTC Newspaper Distribution”

  1. I have been passing out copies of the Occupied Tucson Citizen while riding the bus, or while waiting at a bus station, or while in a grocery store. I’ll start out with four or five copies in my jacket, and when I see someone who looks as if she or he is awake and has got an attitude, I’ll smile and speak to them and give ’em one. They’ve always smiled back. In most cases, they’ve started reading it right then, – and looked as if they intended to keep it & read some more later.


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