Tucson’s Mayor and Council declare emergency and abdicate responsibility to Air Force


This is a letter that Lee Stanfield emailed to the mayor and each council member in response to resolution 22006 adopted on February 20, 2013. Note that our link keeps breaking because the URL keeps changing. Assuming this link to view all February 2013 legislation is not temporary, you can search for “22006”, and after clicking on the title of the resolution a link to the PDF should show up on the right of the page—Ed

I am beginning to wonder if I still live in the United States of America! I just read a resolution which states it was adopted by the Mayor and the City Council, who supposedly represent me…. and all the other citizens of Tucson.

If this document is actually correct in stating that it has been adopted by the Mayor and Council on Feb. 20, 2013….. then clearly, the Mayor and Council have no concept of what “representation of Tucson citizens” means, nor what constitutes an “emergency”!

Without any approval, discussion, or even knowledge of its existence by Tucson’s voters, this document gives the Air Force unconditional approval to use its own discretion (which historically has proven to be entirely lacking) to go ahead with their dangerous plans for Tucson.

This resolution will allow DM to increase by at least two-fold or more, the number of overflights of the very densely populated midtown Tucson, and allow round-the-clock overflights, and the introduction of whatever aircraft they wish, in whatever numbers they wish…. including the hearing-damaging accident-waiting-to-happen-experimental F-35!

The use of the term “emergency” is particularly despicable! In this case, it is not even stated what constitutes the so-called “emergency”, but is obviously being used to get around the fact that it was passed in great haste and secrecy, so as not to alert citizens of how they are being shafted!

I am appalled and very angry! How dare you sell us out so completely, so dishonestly, and without the knowledge of the majority of the citizens!

I expect a reply to this, an explanation, and a retraction of this damaging “resolution”!

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  1. Well hey – we might be temporarily spared the deafening racket from the F-35 and some of its cousins, for a short while at least :


    which tells us, in part :

    “All F-35s were temporarily grounded in late 2010 and again in 2011 because of a faulty fuel pump. The Marines’ F-35Bs briefly stood down last month after an engine malfunctioned – a failure later tied to a poorly-made fluid line. Every grounding causes testing delays that could bump back the Joint Strike Fighter’s frontline debut, currently expected in 2018 or 2019.”

    So at least someone has sense enough, some of the time, to ground these things when they foul up too spectacularly. Are they reliable yet ?? How soon before some downsized, outsourced, fraudulently passed and inadequate component causes a crash straight into a neighborhood ? I’ll be watching for the flying sparks and the billowing smoke.

  2. This is a state of military emergency & they have the brazen audacity to declare it IN SECRET?!


    That would cause a Mayor and City Council to revoke Their own mandate for governance own and hand over thesovereignty of the city of Tucson and its citizens to the military.

    This is military takeover of Tucson!

    This is an UNCONSCIONABLE decision to ABDICATE CIVIL responsibility to MILITARY

    Its official. We are living in a military occupation.



  3. And it won by a 7-0 vote! Here is the vote as it is recorded in the action summary from the already infamous Feb. 20 meeting (http://www.tucsonaz.gov/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=1090&doctype=SUMMARY) — each and every one of us should write or call their City Council member and ask them what they think they’re doing, and what exactly this “emergency” was. The fact the Uhlich and Romero voted for it as well raises the question about how reliable they’ll be in, e.g., the Ronstadt Transit Center issue as well:

    (City Wide and Outside City) FEB20-13-55

    Item 9 was taken out of order.

    Resolution No. 22006

    It was moved by Council Member Scott, duly seconded and passed by a roll call vote of 7 to 0, to PASS and ADOPT Resolution No. 22006.

  4. Thanks for this link. Have contacted Mayor (symbolic), may contact city council member.

    When it comes to fascism & war, there are no “parties” – just the perpetual war / oppression / corruption party.

    Keep in mind that Mayor Rothschild was “summoned” to the White House on Jan 20 and that mccain was in tucson just 2 days before the SECRET resolution.

    On March 13 there will be a huge military security contractor convention in Phoenix.

    One of the motives of martial law may be to confiscate all weapons & have war games in the streets. And it is now legal for el presidente to kill americans or toss them in prison for NO reason. Forever. Don’t be alarmed. This is Amerikkka.

    Sh*t is hitting the fan

  5. HI Guys and Girls if this were a martial law vote I would be on this in a new york Minute.You are looking into this as martial law It’s not.It is a proposal to protect the citizens of Tucson if a disaster occured. DM is working with the citizens of tucson…..

  6. Hal, the vote declares an emergency (what emergency?), and abdicates the responsibility to balance “national security and community needs”. But that balance must be kept in the hands of an executive that is elected by the community (the mayor), and not generals who are only accountable to the politics and bureaucracy of the Pentagon.

    DM may want to work with the citizens of Tucson, but to the extent officers supported this resolution, they have worked against meaningful citizenship in Tucson. In fact, it is hard not to see this resolution as a way of working AROUND the citizens of Tucson. Now if DM wants something that conflicts with citizens, they don’t have to worry about the annoying dynamics of republicanism and democracy slowing down their policies and plans.

  7. Corporate/military fascism has arrived here in Tucson. Some have been aware and waiting. So disappointing to say the least. I concur with Lee Stanfield, I no longer recognize the United Corporate State of Amerika.

    Impeach Obomber for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Emergency indeed. For the U.S. and the rest of the world, indeed. Empire hovers….

  8. There’s a well-written article about Tucson Resolution 22006 on InfoWars dot com


    Some comments are significant. eg

    A few notes on DMAFB. I live in Tucson and drive past the base regularly to and from work. Driving on Kolb Road, on the west side you will see around 50 MRAP Armored vehicles sitting there. East of Kolb, and extending into the South East side of Tucson (Rita Ranch area for those who live here) is a HUGE fenced in area of mostly open desert that has had a large amount of construction ongoing for about the past 2 years. I can see a series of towers… possible flight control, possible a detention center being built. DHS / CBP has a smaller detention center housed on DMAFB just off the Swan Gate. Also of note, altho DMAFB is primarily used as a Training Facility (Pilots come here to learn to fly the A 10 Warthog), there are always a decent amount of foreign troops at DMAFB training with our Air Force (Currently its Singapore.) Also, several Regular Army troops have been showing up for “SECURITY DUTY.” Seems odd for a TRAINING BASE. The large area is on the South East extending along Valencia Road.

    Context is everything —
    2011 – Gabby Giffords shooting incident (Used as impetus for
    nationwide anti-gun crusade) a pretext 4 house-to-house searches

    2011 – Nearly $200mil Tucson taxpayer $$$ ripped off for feds “Urban Streetcar” to control University & Downtown & 4th Ave.

    2011 – Park ranger Brian Terry killed by migrants or smugglers (weapons provided by Eric Holder via Fast & Furious).

    Jan 20, 2013 – Mayor Rothschild summoned to White House

    Feb 18, 2013 – Sen McCain visits Tucson on behalf of Homeland Security meeting w/ various agencies

    Feb 20, 2013: ABDICATION: Tucson Mayor & City Council SECRETLY pass EMERGENCY handover of city government to military (Davis Monthan) to take a governing role whenever they see fit

    Feb 25, 2013 McCain meets w Pena Nieto right-wing Pres of Mexico

    Feb 25, 2013 Congress “concentrating on” Border Security Issues

    Feb 28, 2013 statement by Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder:
    “Home-Grown Terrorists Threat Rivals Overseas: The looming budget sequestration will make Americans less safe”…This is something that is going to have an impact on the safety of this country.” In his interview with ABC News, Holder reiterated “warnings” (ie THREATS) that if automatic spending cuts are triggered, the Justice Department will be handicapped in some of its most vital missions to prevent terrorist attacks and crime (eg IN TUCSON)

    Mar 13, 2013 Huge weapons/armaments/homeland security convention in Phoenix

    Mar 13,2013 Obama: Border flyovers to END blamed on “sequester” (Once they stop, there’s a need to create an border incident incurring martial law & beefed up military budget & whatever DM is planning for Tucson)

    Remember remember the 11th of September

  9. As a citizen of Tucson I must say that it has now been 18 months since this symbolic “resolution” has passed and I haven’t see any tanks in the streets or airmen knocking on my front door. What I have seen is that several of our pararescue personnel have assisted in the rescue efforts of some of our more common sense-challenged citizens who feel the need to drive into monsoon filled washes. I have seen some great volunteering efforts within the Tucson community driven by the squadrons at Davis-Monthan. The sky is not falling here and the federal government hasn’t declared martial law.

    • Mjames, I agree the tone of this article is off from the reality. When we published in print we focused on something else: the abuse of language and legal loopholes. Using the word “emergency” to bypass democratic processes will probably continue to create further misunderstandings in the future.

      • Mjames, it is also important to note that neither the Occupied Tucson Citizen nor anybody who ever wrote for us on this issue raised the issue of tanks on the ground or martial law — you are getting this from some of the people who posted comments. And, by so doing, you are creating a kind of “straw man” and ignoring the points we were actually making about democratic process, proper use of language by our lawmakers, and the issue of potential City Council subservience to the Air Force on issues of local, community concern

    • I have to apologize: the tone of this article isn’t off at all. It is exactly the point of the article that the “emergency” is used to get around democratic processes. I should have re-read the article before commenting earlier. Thanks for making that clear Greg.

  10. Wah…. Your livelihood for stores, business, restaurants, hotels for family visitors, entertainment. Is all related to the Military being here, so stop your bellyaching or you may find more than an inconvenience, and start noticing a hurt in you wallet! Just live a happy life and quit bitching about everything.


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