Bradley Manning 1000 Days in Jail and more Government Crackdown on Transparency


Worldwide support for Manning as trial of alleged Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond takes bizarre twist


RATNER: “[Bradley Manning] has now been in pretrial detention, as we’re speaking, 1,003 days. It’s a big anniversary. That means he has been in detention almost three years without a trial. He’s not been convicted of anything. […] The speedy trial rule is 120 days in the military, and somehow he’s been there almost ten times that. Well, next week at Fort Meade there is going to be a hearing on whether or not these charges should be dismissed because of the violation [incompr.] violatiStratfor on of the speedy trial rule. We’ll see what the judge does. ”

RATNER: “So you have Jeremy Hammond in court today making a motion to get rid of the judge. And here’s why. It’s crazy. The judge’s husband is at a law firm called Cahill Gordon in New York, and his email was one of the emails hacked and revealed by Stratfor, or allegedly by the defendant sitting in the courtroom of the woman whose husband’s email was looked at […] you would think that a recusal would be there because of bias that the judge might have, or at least the perception of bias.

We went into court. Lawyers from Jeremy Hammond argued it today. Immediately afterwards, or shortly afterwards—the opinion was obviously written before—the judge issued a 27-page opinion denying the recusal and saying she’s going to continue to sit on the case. It’s an outrage. I mean, it’s just an outrage. Here you have a judge sitting on the case where her husband’s email, even though it was a public email, was revealed by a hacker because it was part of the Stratfor intelligence system. It doesn’t make any sense to me why that judge is continuing to sit.”

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