Hey kids!  Have you ever wondered if YOU have what it takes to be a cartoonist?  Have you ever read a Red Meat and thought, “Dang, I could do that!”   Well, now you can!   What’s that you say?  You can’t draw?  No worries!

Below are a couple of websites which are cartoon generators.  All you have to do is come up with the comic, and choose your illustrations.  If you’re really interested, I suggest reading Scott McLeod’s “Understanding Comics, the Invisible Art,” and “Making Comics.”   These two books are an excellent way to get into the madcap world of comics.  Plan on spending many hours learning how to create scenes (pay attention to perspective) and how to tell a story with an economy of words.   My suggestion would be to start out with one or two panel comics until you get your groove on.

1.  Bitstrips.com – This is one of my favorite sites because you have so many options as far as manipulating character’s movements.  There’s lots of pre-made background scenes or you can create your own, and plenty of props.   I published a comic series in San Francisco and New York for awhile using Bitstrips.  The downside is the overall look is cartoony and somewhat goofy.

2.   Ragegenerator.com – The above comic was made using the website Rage Generator.   The characters are varied but limited so you have to work within those confines.   The props are limited and there are no scenes.  Still, it has some cool art.

3.  Stripgenerator.com – This is another one with the same limitations as Rage Generator, but with different characters and a bit more flexiblity.

4.  Wittycomics.com – Witty Comics has a variety of background scenes but only allow one or two characters facing either right or left.   Still, the overall vibe lends itself to a dry humor and can be kind of fun.

We’d love to see your submissions of comics for the Occupied Tucson Citizen – give it a shot!

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