1 thought on “No Drone March Tucson, Arizona 9/11/13”

  1. The perpetrators of the September Eleventh disasters are in many cases well – practiced at masquerading as patriotic citizens of the United States. It is long past the time when we could afford to allow ourselves to be so deceived. The picture is not pretty, – and notice how the warmonger faction(s) always want to pretty it up. They say : “soldiers in harm’s way” rather than “soldiers being senselessly wasted and slaughtered”, or they say : “Global War On Terror” rather than “War of Extermination against Brown People and Jewish People”, or they say : “Defense Budget” rather than “Budget for White Supremacist Imperialist Expansion and Construction of Butt Pyramids”, or they say “Oh Look At the Wonderful Brave Firefighters” so as to distract attention, and so that no one will remember how many individual innocent United States citizens had been written off by Cheney and his lot, long before September Eleventh. Cheney and his lot allowed these innocent citizens of our United States to die by massive burns, or by being squashed and ground into hamburger between slabs of concrete, or by smoke inhalation, or by jumping from the 99th floor and going splat on the pavement. Remember what a splatted human being really looks like, once he or she has hit the concrete. He or she bursts like a balloon full of water, forming a greasy spot on the pavement about nine feet in diameter. Certain muscles, now exposed to the air, still move for a few seconds. There will be a certain well-known scent, due to their intestines having split open. Sometimes an eye is left intact. Whenever you see Richard Cheney or any of his cronies or other un-indicted co-conspirators on the tv, please remember these innocent splatted human beings, and remember also, how their deaths were brought on and used by the present lot of KKK sympathizers, as an excuse to dishonor our soldiers.

    Strong and genuine patriots do not owe these warmongers any slack. Just why have none of these warmongers yet been arrested ? It’s no good blaming anyone else. Look no further than OUR OWN weakness, OUR OWN willingness to elect, and then re-elect or fail to prosecute, a lot of weak corrupt and unpatriotic politicians, OUR OWN willingness to accept idiotic superstitions, and OUR OWN willingness to waste our energy in attempting rational discourse with murderous loonies who are incapable of reason. The laws apply to them. No exceptions.


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