Dose Me


Dose me with your fallout from the Trinity Bomb.

Dose me with your 2,000 nuclear test blasts

in the Northern Hemisphere that still linger on.

Dose me on land and out in sea from the barrels

of nuclear wastes leaking into our water ways.

Dose me with your uranium tailings blowing

in the wind from the Cold War days.

Dose me with the regular release of ionizing radiation

from the 430 nuclear power plants around the globe.

Dose me with food poisoned with Cs 134/137

from commercial nuclear power accidents from Fukushima to Chernobyl.

Dose me with Strontium 90 so that my bones radiate in the darkness.

Dose me with splitting plutonium atoms tearing the molecules in my flesh apart.

Dose me with gamma rays that penetrate deep within the muscle of my heart.

Dose me with alpha emitters that shoot like cannon fire into healthy cells.

Dose me so that my immunity system is plagued with auto-immunity disorders:

lupus, MS, asthmas, chronic fatigue, allergies that make my life into a living hell.

Dose me so that I will “see no evil” with cataracts over my eyes.

Dose me to lower my IQ as I become even dumber and blind.

Dose me to make to me schizophrenic and aggressive to the America lies.

Give me that dose of nuclear medicine to end the epidemic of cancer,

birth defects, and genetic mutations that has changed the fate of humanity forever.

7 thoughts on “Dose Me”

  1. Well done! Fukushima is still ongoing!

    This can be the narrative to wake us up to the Fukushima Catastrophe
    that’s still happening. Recorded February 13, 2014

    Here it is: []

    Wish you well.

    Love, Bob

  2. Nuclear power has never been profitable, and never could have been profitable. It was always going to be a massive incurable loser, and they knew this. In all cases, they had to remove and / or disable the normal checks and balances of responsible businesses, most particularly insurance companies, in order to proceed.

    Search : “Price-Anderson Act” [1957]

    The nuclear power companies have never treated customers with respect, and they have never treated scientists nor developers nor builders nor technicians with respect. When a scientist has had the misfortune to get false statements, with her or his name attached to them, printed by his employers, then that scientist has not been respected : she or he has been exploited. The only ones who might be said to have been treated with – – perhaps deference, not actual respect, – – would be the looters.

    Solve any of it ? Clarity will be needed : What is to be the role [if any] of any of the looters ?

    For the looters, nothing. No role.

    The looters have always had this message for the people [and this message will never change] : “Feed us or else we shoot you. Protect us from all of the consequences of all of our actions, or else we will shoot you. We have machine guns and tanks and aircraft carriers and drones. Protect us from all of the consequences of all of our actions, or else we will shoot you.”

    But as to solving anything ? Creating anything ? They do not have the competency, they have never had the competency, and they can never become capable of ever learning competency. Forget them.

    But now, for the Mahdi, for the genuine People’s Assemblies, and for smart and able lawyers, and for competent judges, there is plenty to be done. Arrest the looters, and prosecute them for war crimes, and for crimes against humanity. Prosecute them also for as many hundreds of violations of local building codes, and violations of well-known engineering practices, and for robbery and breach of contracts and obstructions of justice and reckless endangerment and malfeasance and legerdemain and violation of as many other statutes as possible, not only in Japan, but also in any country, any nation, any region, which is affected in any way by the radiation.

    No whining please. No minimizing the damage. No excuses for looters. No more. Our Earth still exists – let’s live there.

    • Kind of reminds me of Zendik song/album Strontium Rain

      The past is a fading dream.
      The future, an uncertain dream.
      The moment of now… our only reality.
      So come with me, my love,
      & share this moment of now with me.

      The past is a fading dream.
      The future, an uncertain dream.
      The moment of now… our only reality.
      So come to me girl. Share this moment of now with me…
      Into eternity girl.
      Come with me…

  3. “And it is time, actually, to name the disease. Most people can’t put their finger on the cause of it, but everybody perceives the threat. Capitalism is a cancer. And the only way to defeat this cancer is to completely, radically transform our way of living and our way of thinking about ourselves. And I call that radical transformation revolutionary. So this is the revolution.”

    ~ more at ~

    Note his comparison with ‘cancer’. The analogy can be profitably expanded. A strong & uninhibited immune system is thought by many to be the way to avoid “getting cancer” – also the way to eliminate “cancer” if one already has it. In this scenario, that which we commonly call “cancer” is not initially a bacteria nor virus nor a chemical poison. It is nothing more nor less than various symptoms of a failing immune system – – and the symptoms will of course vary from one individual to another. Identify what weakens people’s immune systems, remove it from our environment, & you’ll probably get the Nobel Prize for having “cured cancer” !

  4. In similar fashion, if we wish to halt the cancer-like spread of looter capitalism : we can identify and reinforce the ways of living which can and which do exist previous to and independent of looter capitalism. Medicines and food can be grown, or in some cases even hunted, rather than going to hospitals and grocery stores. Anything which you really need, anything at all – – remember how we used to deal with that. We are of the Earth, and yes we can live here [yes we already have, and many of us still are doing so] all without the smothering artifices of looter capitalism.

    Note the scare tactics which are thrown up : “Oh no oh no, you wouldn’t want to live that way, life back then was horrible and awful and dirty and smelly and too hot and too cold and too connected and there couldn’t be any technology at all and everyone had to get leprosy and gout and dysentery and black lung and starve to death” – – on and on and on, hear the propagandists blubber and whine. And then, ignore them, and carry on with real living !

  5. Your organization should be commended for supporting people with behavioral health issues by posting their work here.


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